Tuesday , October 22 2019
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Dynamics Wallet Card – Credit card with display and cell phone connection

Credits cards and debit cards have chips in them to ward off fraud. But Dynamics is introducing a new Wallet Card today that can run circles around that technology. The Wallet Card has the support of a consortium of financial companies, including MasterCard, which led the last financing round for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based Dynamics. The …

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Malware – Dridex 4 – New Malware Will Soon Start “AtomBombing” U.S. Banks

Malware - Dridex 4

A new version of Dridex banking malware was detected and it is targeting European banks and it is expected to be used against the U.S. financial institutions in upcoming months. The Dridex 4 incorporates normal usual range of software improvements which we come to expect from this professionally maintained malware. It is …

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