Monday , December 17 2018
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CUCM – Applications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager – Applications The choices in the drop-down list box include the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Shows the default when you access CUCM. Use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to configure system parameters, route plans, devices, and much more. Cisco …

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VoIP in a Cloud

(This is the first of a two-part series on using Amazon’s cloud services to meet your business telephony needs. In this part, we look at Amazon EC2 and how it is used in a VoIP setting. In Part 2, we’ll cover all the steps necessary in getting the open-source Asterisk …

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VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – debugging – no servers available in group 1 or 2

After Kazoo 2600hz install if you are getting errors while making calls even extension to extension ———– ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1262]: ds_get_index(): destination set [2] not found ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1660]: ds_select_dst_limit(): destination set [2] not found WARNING: <script>: |end|no servers avaliable in group 1 or 2 ———- this is in most …

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VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – kazoo-ui module not working

kazoo-ui module not working Try ‘sup whapps_maintenance migrate’ It will walk all the databases and make sure everything is up to date. Typically you’d do this anytime you upgrade versions of Kazoo.   Do you have a ‘system_schemas’ database? If not, try ‘sup whapps_maintenance refresh system_schemas’ Should build and populate …

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VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – couch_compactor_fsm failure

couch_compactor_fsm failure if 2600hz plateform logs shows  couch_compactor_fsm failed to ping. solution: The compactor needs to know the cookie with which the BigCouch Erlang VM started because it needs to find out what ports BigCouch is listening on. Some folks run on non-standard ports, so the compactor will query the node …

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