Tuesday , September 25 2018
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CUCM – Applications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager – Applications The choices in the drop-down list box include the following Cisco Unified Communications Manager applications: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration Shows the default when you access CUCM. Use Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to configure system parameters, route plans, devices, and much more. Cisco …

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VoIP in a Cloud

(This is the first of a two-part series on using Amazon’s cloud services to meet your business telephony needs. In this part, we look at Amazon EC2 and how it is used in a VoIP setting. In Part 2, we’ll cover all the steps necessary in getting the open-source Asterisk …

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VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – debugging – no servers available in group 1 or 2

After Kazoo 2600hz install if you are getting errors while making calls even extension to extension ———– ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1262]: ds_get_index(): destination set [2] not found ERROR: dispatcher [dispatch.c:1660]: ds_select_dst_limit(): destination set [2] not found WARNING: <script>: |end|no servers avaliable in group 1 or 2 ———- this is in most …

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VoIP – Kazoo 2600HZ – troubleshooting – kazoo-ui module not working

kazoo-ui module not working Try ‘sup whapps_maintenance migrate’ It will walk all the databases and make sure everything is up to date. Typically you’d do this anytime you upgrade versions of Kazoo.   Do you have a ‘system_schemas’ database? If not, try ‘sup whapps_maintenance refresh system_schemas’ Should build and populate …

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